Chaitanya has over two decades of experience in the film & creative arts industry, education, event management, and chartered accountancy. He is currently a part of the leadership team at Whistling Woods International, and is working towards making Film & Creative Arts education mainstream in India. His vast knowledge about the industry is well demonstrated through his papers and presentations. Also an active speaker at seminars & conferences organized by FICCI, NASSCOMM, CII and ASSOCHAM, his knowledge includes education, and the film, media and entertainment industries. He is an avid reviewer and has developed a robust following on several social media platforms.

With years of experience in the entertainment and creative arts industry, Chaitanya writes mostly about the current trends and opportunities in the industry. In his recent article about a major opportunity in the OTT industry, he explained that while India has around 40 OTT platforms, the businesses are missing on one major opportunity, i.e. pay-per-show microtransaction model. He explains that in instances people want to watch five shows from different OTT players, then the question remains, how many platforms to subscribe to? He explains that the current model to pay for streaming any content provides consumers with an all-or-nothing choice. Here is a glimpse to Chaitanya ’s writing “India currently has around 40 OTT platforms. While having so many platforms is good as it enables more investment, it poses a different kind of problem for the consumer, which is – “How many platforms am I going to subscribe to?” Here, there is a massive opportunity that all the platforms are missing.”

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