Saransh Goila is an Indian chef who won Food Food Maha Challenge. He is the founder of a popular Mumbai based restaurant ‘Goila Butter Chicken’ and author of the acclaimed food travelogue ‘India on my Platter’. In 2018 he was invited to be a guest judge from India on Masterchef Australia where contestants had to cook his version of Butter Chicken. In 2013 he participated in the show, Sanjeev Kapoor Ke Kitchen Khiladi, which went on air on 16 September 2013 on Sony India. He is the host of the TV Show Roti Rasta aur India  and Healthy Fridge on Food Food channel. He is based in Mumbai. In 2016 Saransh started his restaurant Goila Butter Chicken.

In 2018, Saransh hosted the web series ‘Run to Eat’. It is a food travelogue in which the chef travels to different parts of the world to run and explore local cuisine. He featured as a judge on Masterchef Australia season 10.

In 2014, Saransh hosted the web series The Spice Traveller on his YouTube channel. It is a food travelogue in which the chef travels to Great Britain.

In 2012, he hosted the TV show Roti Rasta aur India on Food Food channel. It is an Indian food travelogue show in which the chef travels 20,000 km of India by road in 100 days  The culinary journey is about the rural villages of India, meeting the local families, learning about their cuisine, and creating meals on the go.

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