Yogita Tulsiani is an ISB alum with more than a decade of experience in technology and business consulting across the UK, the US, APAC, and Europe. Her expertise is across diverse industries, including retail, information technology, telecom, and financial services. She founded iXceed Solutions in 2018 to bring innovation and change in the talent and HR space. She has won several awards and accolades like The Leaders Globe Award for the 10 Most Innovative Entrepreneurs of the World in 2020, The Black Swan Award for Women Empowerment 2020 by Asia One, The Greatest Brands & Leaders Asia & GCC -2020 -2021, and HR Consultant of the year 2020 by InspireZones.

Following the space over a decade, Yogita has been writing about key trends in the HR space, the pain points that various companies and organisations face, and how they can address them. She has been focused on the different roles that can play a pivotal role in an organisation, and how each employee contributes to the growth and success of a company. She believes that with a majority of the workforce slowly taken over by millennials, the HR department of a firm needs to embrace them. She is a strong advocate of AI and ML in the space of HR and how it can help scrutinise job networks and envisage success rates by checking the online presence of the candidate. “The HR industry experienced a drastic change because of the alignment of the workforce in 2019. Last year changed the way the HR industry dealt with teams, in terms of hiring candidates and engaging with them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have become new trends in the HR industry, which is expecting AI and cognitive technologies to mature further in 2020.”

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